Research Stations

The Department’s six research stations, namely Cedara, Kokstad, Dundee, Makhathini, Owen Sitole (OSCA) and Bartlow Combine, are required to conduct research on-station, to build expertise and for technology transfer. These research stations serve the major agricultural ecological areas within the Province, as indicated below:

Research Station Size of the farm (ha) Cultivated land (ha) Applicable Bioresource Group
Cedara 1000 275 Moist Midlands Mistbelt – Ngongoni veld
Dundee 1336 140 Sour Sandveld
Kokstad 1254 75 Highland Sourveld (Moist & Dry)
Makhathini 440 180 Lowveld (Main Research Station) and Sandy Bush & Palm Veld (Top Farm)
OSCA 870 65 Moist Coast Forest Thorn and Palm Veld
Bartlow Combine 2200 0 Dry Zululand Thornveld and Lowveld


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