Constitutional mandate

The legislative mandate of the Department is derived from various sections of the constitution. The Department executes a concurrent national and provincial legislative mandate in terms of schedule 4 of the constitution. Section 27 of the Bill of Right of the South African Constitution, Act of 108 of 1996, gives obligation to the state to uphold health care, food, water and social security rights. Section 27 1(b) states, “everyone has the right to have access to sufficient food and water”. Section 27 1 (c) states, “everyone has the right to social security, including, if they are unable to support themselves and their dependents, appropriate social assistance”. Section 27 (2) states, “the state must take reasonable legislative and other measures, within its available resources, to achieve the progressive realization of each of these rights. The Department is primarily responsible for Acts related its key core functions and is responsible for implementation of provincial and national strategies applicable to its core business.

Agricultural Legislation


Promotion to Access of Information Manual 2015-16 of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Public Finance Management Act No 1 of 1999 Government Gazette 38735 dated 30 April, 2015

Transversal Legislation

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