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Radical Agrarian Socio-Economic Transformation (RASET)

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Radical Agrarian Socio-Economic Transformation (RASET) is a government programme which aims to increase economic opportunities for historically previously disadvantaged individuals through value chains and market access, primarily market driven by government demand. Various government departments integrated their Programmes to implement the RASET Programme. Government departments on the demand side, (in particular Departments of Health, Education and Social Development) were made to commit sourcing an initial minimum of 50% of their food supply from the RASET Programme. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development provides farmer support both in terms of financial and human resources (Extension and Advisory services), production support (production inputs and mechanization) and capacity building (training).

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in partnership with Radical Agrarian Socio-Economic Transformation Provincial Management Unit (RASET-PMU), will be creating its RASET Supplier Database. The main objective of creating a comprehensive RASET Supplier database information is to administer and control the provision of agricultural support to farmers/producers who will be supplying the RASET market with produce. 

DARD RASET Farmer Supplier Database Application Form

Register for DARD RASET Farmer Supplier Database

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