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uMzinyathi District roll-out of Cannabis/Hemp and uMnotho KuBantu Programme

The KZN Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) continues to intensify efforts to stimulate growth of rural economies through the provision of resources and expertise that will maximize production.

The lack of resources does not only affect farm activity but also the quality of produce. Therefore, on Sunday 28 April 2024, MEC Super Zuma returned to uMsinga to respond to the needs of livestock and crop farmers facing challenges hampering productivity.

Two weeks ago, MEC Zuma met with Inkosi Mchunu from Kwa Nomzansi Royal House and local farmers. Requests were made for assistance with fencing of grazing camps, for the scooping of dams and the establishment of an irrigation scheme for a local hemp project. A further request for breeding bulls was made for the purpose of genetic quality improvement.

Work to scoop five dams is underway and 7km of fencing material has been provided to Nomzansi Grazing Camps. The process for the establishment of the Nobanguni irrigation system for a hemp project is well underway while household food security interventions are ongoing. In addition, twelve farmers were also handed their Hemp permits on the day.

Mrs M. Mchunu, a resident of Gujini where dam scooping is nearing completion, said prior to DARD’s intervention, livestock experienced hardship as the area has no water.

“Our goats and cattle were suffering from dehydration but now they will be drinking from the dam. Siyabonga MEC Super Zuma,” she said.

Inkosi Mchunu showed his appreciation to MEC Zuma for his swift response to the needs of his people.

“Now that we have the support of the government, we will encourage community members to heed the call of working towards establishing agricultural firms. Our area has not been spared from stock theft, that is why we are most grateful for the livestock branding kits as they will assist in curbing stock theft,” said Inkosi Mchunu.

MEC Super Zuma emphasized that the Department remains committed to providing all the necessary support to previously disadvantaged farmers as the goal was to achieve sustainable economic development.

To those who received their Cannabis and Hemp permits, the MEC said the sector was a sea of opportunities and the creation of generational wealth was a certainty.

MEC Zuma said the department was conducting research using cutting edge technology to ensure maximum production.

“Ours is to restore the dignity of our people by ensuring that they obtain financial freedom through agriculture. Our soil is the solution to all communities still faced with poverty,” said MEC Zuma.
















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