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Agriculture MEC encourages planting of vegetable gardens

KZN Agriculture and Rural Development MEC Super Zuma visited the community of KwaMnyandu in Pietermaritzburg on Wednesday to pledge his support to families who have taken the first step towards self-sustainability through crop farming.

This comes after former Msunduzi Mayor Mr. Themba Njilo and founder of the Njilo Foundation, declared his public approval for the Department’s One Home One Garden Programme in a video which went viral on social media platforms.

The One Home One Garden is an initiative of the KZN Department of Agriculture and Rural Development which encourages every household to grow its own produce amidst the rising food insecurity and cost of living crisis. It seeks to alleviate poverty, to create jobs and to provide sustainable incomes within rural households.

In the widely shared social media video, Mr. Themba Njilo encouraged Msunduzi residents to heed MEC Super Zuma’s plea of working hand in hand with the Department by starting vegetable gardens in their backyards. 

He showed off his garden which he started in September and is currently growing cabbages, beetroot and spinach, which he is hoping to share with the community during the festive season. 

Former Mayor Njilo praised MEC Super Zuma for the work that the Department was carrying out within provincial communities, supplying seedlings, farming implements and for the provision of training conducted by Departmental experts on the production of quality produce.

“I decided not so long ago to cross over to farming and my crops will benefit community members who have yet to start with their own gardens. All young and old are encouraged to get up and get their hands dirty to feed their families. I am most grateful for the support that we have received from MEC Super Zuma and his Department,” said Mr Njilo. 

MEC Super Zuma said this was an opportune time to place emphasis on self-sustainability and food security offered through the One Home One Garden Programme. Mr. Zuma said the vision was to create Agricultural firms within rural communities and it all starts with individuals. 

“We are going to provide the community of KwaMnyandu with adequate support. We have heard that there is an issue of water but we are going to work hard to ensure that our people have a sufficient supply for their plants,” said MEC Super Zuma. 

Ward Councillor, Mr. Nathi Mbanjwa, said he was pleased by the support offered to the community by the Department as lives would change for the better.













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