Rules and Regulations

A generally-accepted standard of adult behaviour is expected from all students. A set of both academic and non-academic rules is available and every student, before he/she is admitted to the College, must undertake in writing, to be bound by these rules. Fines, work on the farm, withdrawal of privileges, and expulsion from the hostel or the College are some of the penalties which may be imposed for breaches of the rules.


Registration will take place at the beginning of each year. A student must register on the prescribed form. A student will not be allowed to register for any course until proof of full payment of fees has been provided. A student will not be allowed to attend lecture or practical sessions or write the necessary tests/examinations unless he/she has registered for that particular course.

Tuition and Medium of Instruction

Tuition at the College is through the medium of English.


Students are expected to attend 80% of the lectures and ALL practicals, projects, assignments and special programmed events. Permission to miss programmed activities will only be given under exceptional circumstances. A doctor's certificate will be required if a student misses anything on the timetable through illness.


Students are required to be well-groomed and neatly dressed at lectures and meals. Appropriate protective clothing is required at practicals, e.g. overalls and leather footwear must be worn for mechanical engineering practicals.


A hostel is available for both male and female students who wish to stay on the campus. Students (of the same gender) may be expected to share accommodation. There are no residence facilities for married students. Hostel accommodation is not compulsory. Students may reside off-campus, but must make their own arrangements to do so.


Government vehicles are used to transport students on practical assignments. Students are required to indemnify the State before they are allowed to travel in Government vehicles. Private vehicles may be used on Cedara at the owners' risk.

Announcement of Course Results

The course marks will be posted on the College notice boards on the day following the marks meeting as scheduled on the College timetable. The postings will be regarded by the College as the official notification of results. The College cannot be held accountable for the postal service or errors in telephonic miscommunications.

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