Cedara College of Agriculture offers a three-year Diploma in Agriculture at NQF level 6.  The qualification is accredited by the HEQC (Higher Education Quality Committee) and is recognised nationally and internationally.

  • The qualification allows for specialization in Crop Production or Animal Production
  • Tuition and medium of instruction at the College is in English
  • A Competency Based Learning (CBL approach is used) 

The Diploma in Agriculture is based on the following:  

Competency Profile

Someone who is responsible for decision making in a sustainable profit making agricultural production system (Crop or Animal Production)  

  • Makes informed decisions regarding sustainable land use (selects a feasible enterprise/s)
  • Plans selected production system/s
  • Manages a production system in a sustainable manner to optimize economic returns
  • Adds value and markets business effectively
  • Manages agribusiness finances as a means of planning and monitoring the management of the enterprise
  • Manages human resources
  • Manages the farm infrastructure and machinery
  • Engages in factors external to the farm environment

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