Studying at Owen Sitole College, amongst others, also matters such as participation in student organizations, sporting activities and the utilization of the library and computer center. Associate with these activities is accompanying administration. The Student Union fee is payable in cash on day of registration; accompanied by a stop order from the bank, for the accommodation and tuition fee. Fees for 2010 are as follows:






Crop Production

R1 768.00

R8 750.00

R4 500.00

R15 018.00

Animal Production

1 768.00

8 750.00

4 500.00

15 018.00

Home Economics + Crop Production

1 768.00

8 750.00

4 500.00

15 018.00

Home Economics

+ Animal Production

1 768.00

8 750.00

4 500.00

15 018.00

 Allow for an approximate increase of 10% per annum. 

Fee increments may occur without prior notice.

Method of payment  

A student who is admitted to the College shall be liable for all fees payable by him/her.   Student Union Fees for the year have to be paid in full before or on day of registration for the first semester. Student union fees are non-refundable, up to (80%) of the library deposit will be refunded if no books are missing and a key deposit is also refunded if the key is returned. Academic and accommodation fees: 

  • May be paid in one lump sum for the year
  • Full academic and accommodation fees for each semester before registration for that semester
  • Fees for the year can be paid in ten (10) equal installments (Jan - Oct). Proof of a bank stop order for the payment of the relevant amounts from a bank account into the college account must be provided prior to or on registration day.

By signing the registration form and the associated undertakings, the student personally accepts responsibility for the payment of all money he/she owes, irrespective of whether he/she is sponsored by private individuals or bodies or any other source.


Sugar Industry Trust Fund for Education

Application forms are obtainable from the College in May each year. Preference will be given to those students who register for the Diploma in Agriculture.

Selection criteria:    

  • Applicants must have passed their 1st semester examination  Applicants need to be S.A. Citizens, with a direct link to the sugar industry
  • Preference will be given to students with a rural affiliation and who would consider pursuing a career in rural regions.
  • Participation and contribution to campus and community life will be favorably considered

Study Trust

Information obtainable from:
PO Box 29192
TEL: (011) 729-5604  

South African Institute of Race Relations  

Information obtainable from:
PO Box 32597 
TEL: (011) 399-3158

You must, before or on day of registration, submit written proof of the bursary grant to the Student Finance Officer. The document confirming the granting of a bursary must, amongst others, indicate the amount of the bursary.  However, the student will still be liable to pay the registration fee in cash on the day of registration and will be refunded the said amount, as soon as the bursary pays out.   

Should a student fail to comply with the regulations regarding payment of fees:Test and examination results will be withheld

A student will not be allowed to register for the next semester

No accommodation will be allocated to the student

The College reserves the right to withhold Higher Certificates and Diplomas

No refunds will be made during the year. Should a credit balance be reflected on the students account at the end of a semester (June and November), a refund will be made except in the case of bursary holder’s registration fee.  Students should allow 2 days for their refunds to be processed.  

Supplementary exams
Remarking of script
Viewing of script
Accommodation and meals during supplementary examinations

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