College Facilities

OSCA Facilities

The hostels accommodate 156 students. Each unit houses six (6) students - in their own separate rooms. The hostels are within walking distance of the lecture halls.

Students are provided with linen and curtains, but must bring their own towels and blankets.

There is a well equipped laundry, but their washing can also be done by the college. All clothes must be marked.

Students should preferably stay in the hostels but other arrangements can be made.

Numerous class and tutorial rooms as well as 2 lecture theatres are used for lectures. The science laboratories and general farm facilities are used in student practicals. Farm visits are arranged as part of the course work.

Meals are prepared in a college kitchen and served in a dining hall.

Sport and student activities

A student common room currently with DSTV, PVR, and a music system is available for recreation.

Two soccer fields, a netball field, basket ball field and a tennis court are currently available for sport. Student can participate in Soccer for men and ladies, Volley Ball, Gym, Table Tennis, Tennis and Pool.

The hall can be used for the choir, debating, church services, ballroom dancing and and other activities.

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