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Broilers - isiZulu

Cabbage Production

Cabbage Production - isiZulu

Domestic Food Production

Domestic Food Production - isiZulu

Irrigation module

Irrigation module - isiZulu

Maize Production

Maize Production - isiZulu

Potato Production

Potato Production - isiZulu

Sweet Potatoes Production

Sweet Potatoes Production - isiZulu

Swiss Chard Production

Swiss Chard Production - isiZulu

Tomato Production

Fall Armyworm


Foot and Mouth

Post-disaster Recovery

Agriculture Risk and Disaster Management

Reaction to Hazardous Incidents

Veld Fire Precaution and Control

Swine Flu:

English / isiZulu

African Swine Fever

Ebola Virus Disease

Research and Technology Bulletins:

Making and Storing Hay

No-till for KwaZulu-Natal's small-scale farming systems

Forage Cereals for dryland pasture production

Veld Management Principles

Agricultural uses of lime and gypsum

Tattooing as method for small stock identification

Storage and safe use of agrochemicals

Sprayer Calibration

Drybean Cultivar Recommendations

The application of plant based pesticides in sustainable agriculture

Raising "bought in" or orphan calves, kids and lambs

Sclerotinia Stem Rot of Soybeans

Sudden Death Syndrome of Soybean

Soybean cultivar recommendations

A Review of the Principles of Veld Management and the Consequences of Poor Veld Management

Attributes of an ideal Green Maize Hybrid and Production Constraints in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Cedara Plant Disease Clinic

Growth Rates of Pigs Fed on incremental levels of Acacia Tortilis Leaf Meal-based Diets

Dry Bean Cultivars for KwaZulu-Natal

Essential Oil production in KwaZulu-Natal (Tree Tea)

Living with Ticks

Mulch-effect on Weed Growth, Soil Moisture, Yield and yield components of Groundnuts under the conditions of KwaZulu-Natal Province

Multi-season Maize Cultivars for KwaZulu-Natal

Potato Production for Small-scale Farmers

Revitalization and Preservation of the (Imvu) in KwaZulu-Natal

Small-scale Dairy System

Soil Acidity and Nitrogen Studies under No-till Maize in KwaZulu-Natal

Sweet Potato Vine Multiplication for Small-Scale Farmers in KwaZulu-Natal

The effects of different Planting Populations and corresponding Seeding rates on Chicory (Cichorium Intybus l.) yield

The production of Sweet Potatoes

The untold story of the Pig Farming Sector of rural KwaZulu-Natal

The use of Allelopathy in a Weed Management strategy

Tillage and Carbon Dynamics in KwaZulu-Natal’s small-scale Farming Systems

Vegetable Soybean Production

Winter cover crops for Maize Silage Production

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